12 Ways to Celebrate Healthy Progress


By Lindsey Joe, YMCA Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

When you’ve been at this healthy living thing for a while, sometimes it’s difficult to know what the next step is in your journey. An often-overlooked step is celebrating your success. Now you may be thinking, “But I haven’t reached my ultimate goal yet.” While that may be true, progress is still worthy of celebration. The thing is, depending on your health goal, progress isn’t always apparent to the eye. But you don’t want to lose sight of how far you’ve come. Why? Because your progress pushes you to keep going!

1. Share your success with your support system. Their reinforcement and kudos will help you recognize what you’re doing well.
2. Post your progress as a reminder of your recent win. Whether it’s a post on social media or a personal note jotted on a post-it, seeing your success written down will encourage you each time you read it.
3. Download a new workout playlist or music subscription. Feel-good tunes get you in the zone and give you something to look forward to.
4. Add a motivating app to your smart phone. Whether it’s a goal tracker, water keeper or food journal, these tools can up your game and enthusiasm for your progress.
5. Buy new workout gear. Consider something like earbuds, clothing, sneakers, shades or even a wearable fitness tracker.
6. Register for an active event coming up. The added challenge of a race or walk/run can put your new skills to the test!
7. Gift yourself items that make healthy eating easier. Think a reusable water bottle, Tupperware, lunch box, or a kitchen gadget or tool. Set yourself up for nutritional success.
8. Subscribe to a health-focused magazine or local CSA.
9. Take a mental health day. Set aside time for relaxing and rejuvenating activities on a twenty-four-hour staycation.
10. Give a “just because” gift to a friend, co-worker or family member; often, the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself is to make someone else’s day.
11. Up your game with a personal training or nutrition session.
12. Allow yourself to fully relax and recharge. Grab an extra hour (or two) of sleep, book a hair appointment or enjoy a massage.

No matter how you decide to treat yourself, no achievement is too small. Recognizing what you can do keeps you motivated, and giving yourself little rewards along the way is an effective catalyst for long-term change. Ready for a healthier lifestyle? Get more information on wellness port services and nutrition counseling offered at your center. Let us partner with you in reaching your goals! Contact the YMCA!

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