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Every year in September, we highlight the booming arts and culture scene in Sumner County and throughout middle Tennessee. There never seems to be a shortage of events, galleries to meander through, concerts, plays or musicals to attend. This year, we have profiled some of the unique people and groups around the county that have shared their creative vision with the community.

Here are a couple of places you should lend your ears or eyes to around the community!

Art Galleries:
• Woodland Gallery
• Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center
• Worthington Galleries
• R.J. McDonald Gallery/Countryside Studio
• Haley Gallery at the Country Music Hall of Fame
• Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Theaters and Theater/Artistic Groups:
• Hendersonville Performing Arts Company
• Actors Point Theatre Company
• Belcourt Theatre
• Nashville Ballet
• Schermerhorn Symphony Center
• Ryman Auditorium
• Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Martin Family Circus

Just as one might imagine a circus to be – upbeat, unexpected, accomplished and exciting – the Martin Family Circus aims to bring that same joy and a room full of fun with their heartwarming and lively “music that makes you smile!”

“Our house has always been like a live jukebox, with an all-you-can-play selection of musical instruments,” says mother of the group, Jamie Martin. “Music completely covers our lives, so our kids have never known a day without it.”

This family-friendly musical group of six (two parents and four children), from Hendersonville, began singing together in 2010. The family realized early on that all their children had a knack for hearing harmonies and pitches, as well as playing instruments. Soon after, they began performing shows together locally and around the country. Country Music Hall of Fame member, Vince Gill, coined their name as Martin Family Circus, playfully teasing them about their growing number of kids and the craziness that goes hand-in-hand with a large family.

Music has been ingrained in the family for years. Grammy-winning artist Paul Martin, father of the group and lead singer/guitarist of country-pop group Exile, met and married Jamie Allen, mother of the group and daughter of Duane Allen of Country Music Hall of Fame members, The Oak Ridge Boys. So, naturally, they had to carry on this music tradition in the family.

They have performed concerts at The White House, the United States Library of Congress, the Country Music Cruise, county fairs, the Grand Ole Opry and in Sumner County at “Music on Main” in Goodlettsville and Portland, along Main Street Porch Fest in Hendersonville.

Their newest CD, “Past, Present, Future,” includes timeless classics that inspired the family to sing, favorites that inspire them now and brand-new material to inspire a new generation.

“We feel like music is a universal language, food for the soul. So, for us, it’s all about sharing our family’s joy and love of harmonies and instruments, and to hopefully spread a few smiles and make people happy in the process,” exclaims Jamie.

To follow the family on their next adventures, visit their website or visit Family Circus. You can also follow them on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram pages, all @MartinFamCircus.

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