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OMI Beads

OMI Beads are made by Gallatin based jewelry designer Joy OMI Walling. Joy was raised in Carmel, California where the ocean was always her biggest inspiration. Joy’s vision was to create simple and versatile pieces of jewelry for women of any age to wear day or night.

Joy has been making the bracelets since 2011. She first started making them when she brought the bracelets in to a couple co-workers at Hemline Nashville where she worked part-time. They posted a photo of the bracelets on social media and customers went crazy for the accessory! Thus, Hemline Nashville started carrying the bracelets in a number of their stores.

All of her jewelry is made with semi-precious stones that are supposed to give positive energy and good vibes to all that wear them. The charms on each bracelet are said to be blessed and give protection. Each angel wing represents your beautiful angels that watch over you every day. All of her designs are hand-made with love in Gallatin. She currently has OMI Beads in 154 stores across the United States and Canada.

OMI Beads have been in swag bags for the CMA Awards, CMT Awards and Titans’ charity events. They have been featured in magazines and numerous blogs, such as “Living with Landyn,” who made her own exclusive OMI Beads collection.

What also makes OMI Beads unique is that the buyer can custom design their own bracelet. “We want the customer to feel special in making their own set,” says Joy. If you are looking for OMI Beads, you can find them at the Red Tulip in Gallatin and The Trendy Trunk in Hendersonville. For more information, visit

OMI Beads
Instagram: @omi_beads

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