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Make Me Blush Makeup Artistry

Hendersonville local Kelly Valente runs her own business, Make Me Blush Makeup Artistry, and assists her clients with hair and makeup for a variety of events like weddings, photo shoots, magazine ads, formals, television shows, out on stage and parties. Kelly has even worked with the Mrs. America organization for seven years.

Making women gain self-esteem is what Kelly does best and is the reason why she began her business twenty-four years ago in Bradford, Tennessee. She wanted to help women feel beautiful and confident in their skin, by encouraging them and empowering them. Working with a myriad of women through the years, she has made lifelong friends through the business and continues to surround herself with these kind-hearted people.

“Turning the chair around for my clients to see the final product is my favorite part of the job,” exclaims Kelly. “They smile, jump up and down and even shed a tear now and then.”

Before you make a final decision, Kelly and her team will occasionally set-up a “pre-run-through” for the upcoming event. If you aren’t able to make it to Kelly’s studio in Hendersonville, she can conveniently come to you and chat about her services and find the best fit for you.

Kelly takes great pride in all of her work for her clients. She has a great passion and it shows with each face. “Hair and makeup styles are always changing, but beautiful is always on the inside,” she says.

To contact Kelly about her makeup and hair services for various events and occasions, please call 615.975.4585.

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