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Actors Point Theatre

Actors Point Theatre Company was born on December 1, 2011. It’s founding artistic director is Greg Wilson – a veteran professional actor, director and acting coach who has made his home in Sumner County for almost twenty years.
During the economic down turn, Greg began to do some research and found that the cities around the country that survived and prospered during this challenging time all had robust arts and cultural programming and opportunities. Most of these cities had community theaters, a professional theatre company, a symphony, ballet company, galleries and music and performance venues.

He looked at Sumner County and realized there was an opportunity to add to the growth of the community both culturally and economically. Sumner County has great music programs, dance studios, a strong community theatre and theatre programs in their schools.“For me the only thing better than theatre, is MORE THEATRE,” exclaims Greg. With more than 175,000 citizens in Sumner County, there was plenty of room for more programming and opportunities without adversely effecting any of the other already burgeoning programs. When there are strong programs available, people from surrounding counties visit and add to the economy.

The Company has professional actors and technicians to produce plays and musicals. In the upcoming production of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” they have cast television and theatrical veteran Lane Davies in a principal role. The idea is that their local actors and students gain an opportunity to have a glimpse into the world of some top-notch talent and grow because of their involvement.

Beyond the “MAINSTAGE” programming, the Company has strong educational programming throughout the year in the form of acting classes and workshops, a twice per year one-day Student Theatre Challenge, and a burgeoning summer Musical Theatre Camp that produces top notch performance opportunities for children beginning at kindergarten age and up. Last year, more than 250 students from surrounding counties and beyond participated in the educational programs.

For more information, visit or call 615.431.9620.

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