Beauty Junkie: Something in the Water



By: Julie Jorgensen

No, I’m not talking about a famous local’s hit song (although I do love it). I’m talking about water and the crucial role it plays in our health and beauty! As winter starts to give way to spring – not a moment too soon – it seems water is everywhere: falling from the sky, overflowing creeks, glistening on leaves in the early morning. But is it being given the appropriate priority in your beauty routine? Let’s find out! Pour a nice tall glass of refreshing H2O and have a seat!
We all know we’re supposed to drink water for better health, but does the type of water make a difference? Yes! You may want to think twice before you grab that big bottle of Dasani. Many popular brands of bottled water contain no trace minerals and are basically cleaned-up tap water. Additionally, plastic bottles are often lined with BPA, a chemical known to be harmful to human health. Look for alkalized, artesian, or spring water to include those beneficial trace minerals in BPA-free bottles. A home filter is a great option, and saves money in the long run. Should you decide to really go all-out and get serious about the water you drink, cook with, and bathe in, invest in a household water-filtration system. Chlorine and other harmful chemicals are removed before they ever reach your faucet. Oh, and set a goal of an ounce of water for every pound of body weight. If that should prove daunting, get the bare minimum of eight, eight-ounce glasses per day.
s112680-main-zoomSo, we’ve established water going into our bodies is a good thing. How about water on our bodies? Harsh winter elements can leave skin feeling dehydrated, which is one reason to drink more water and face mists are a great remedy too. I’m a big fan of an atomizer spray like Vichy or Evian, that delivers a fine, delicate mist, almost like a vapor. Alternately, a mist containing super-hydrating hyaluronic acid is a dry-skinned gal’s best friend. A quick mist over your makeup and throughout the day will keep you looking dewy-fresh. Making a face mist at home is a snap: combine distilled water and a few drops of essential oil (neroli, lavender and almond are all stellar choices), into an opaque spray bottle and mist to your heart’s content!
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.54.20 PMAnother favorite way to make sure I’m getting enough water is to immerse myself in it. I’m not talking about a routine bath – though those are lovely – I’m talking about floating. Flotation therapy, in which the “floater” lazes about in an individual tank of sterile body-temperature water loaded with a half-ton of Epsom salt, has been around for decades and recently came to the local area. It’s been touted for a myriad of benefits, for everything from achy joints to anxiety. Even local songwriters are singing the praises of floating for improving their writing creativity! Once in the flotation tank, you literally float to the surface like a cork, your body suspended weightlessly. Each person has the option to dim the lights, or take the room down to complete darkness for full sensory deprivation. My experience so far with floating ranks right up there with a long massage or a weekend beach getaway when it comes to relaxation. The benefits of even an Epsom-salt bath at home shouldn’t be overlooked. Soaking in a tub loaded with Epsom salts can relieve sore muscles, cold symptoms, or even just a long day.
Whether you drink it, mist it, or float in it, water is truly the answer. When people start asking you why you look and feel so very fabulous, just tell them it must be something in the water. Cheers!

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