Your “Bone” Vivant: Christmas Trees, Christmas Lights and Christmas Ornaments. . . Oh My!


Ho Ho Ho, folks!

Did you hear? Santa Paws is coming to town! I am so excited about Christmas – I can’t help but wiggle my bottom when the holiday decorations go up! There are so many pretty, sparkly, perfectly chewable things around my house this time of year. But my momma says “No, Ollie!” and has taught me to not nose the shiny things hanging on the big smelly-good tree that goes in the den. I want to go see if I can play with all this new fun stuff, but she has rules and says Santa Paws is watching, so I try and try to be a good boy. I know she is just trying to keep me safe, too.

If you have a pup and are decorating your home for the holidays, there are some safety tips to keep in mind. Not all decorations are safe to have around your pup – especially if they are curious like me. Here are some decorations to be mindful about during the festive holiday season:

• Poinsettia Plant, Holly & Mistletoe – Toxic for dogs to ingest.
• Christmas Trees – Any part of the tree is bad to chew or ingest and tree needles can cause gastrointestinal irritation or damage.
• Christmas Lights – Your pet can get tangled up in them, burned or electric shock can occur if chewed. Best to keep these above the lower branches of the tree.
• Ornaments – There are many dangers to glass ornaments, so make sure to keep them hung higher up or get the non-breakable kinds.
• Tinsel – If ingested, it can cause intestinal blockage.
• Tempting Decorations – Remember that placing out holiday décor will be new and tempting for your pet to check out. If it is potentially dangerous to ingest, then keep these pieces in safer spots where your pet cannot reach them. Metals, glass, wood, paints – these can all be dangerous to your pet.

Keep this holiday season merry and bright – and safe – this season! Avoid pet injury and harm by planning better placement and keeping hazards away from your pets. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Wiggle bottom and slobbery smooches to you and yours!
Ollie Pup

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