Your “Bone” Vivant: Healthy You, Healthy Pup


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Hello there, SC Dog Lovers!

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 1.52.57 PMEveryone is kicking off their new year with goals, goals, goals. Are you already finding yourself in that New Year, New You rut? Well, I wanted to let you know some fun ways to get motivated with the help of your four-legged friends. Get back into the health gear by getting out and about with your pups! Exercise is needed not only for the humans, but for the dogs, too. And it is so much more fun to get our exercise in together. Having a companion – even a non-human one – while you exercise makes it more fun. So, here are some ways to be healthy with your doggies:

• Take us pups on daily 30 minute walks.

• Take us for a run (if we are fit enough and do not have joint issues). Some of us pups can definitely keep up!

• Run around the yard or take us to the dog park and play fetch and chase with us.

• Take us for a hike.

• If you don’t have your own dog to exercise with, volunteer to walk dogs at a local animal shelter. Shelters need people to interact with their dogs, walk them, socialize them and keep them fit and healthy, too.

So, get those feet – and paws – moving for the new year and set some new goals with your doggies to help keep you both healthy for 2017.

Wiggle bottom and slobbery smooches to you and yours!

Ollie Pup

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