Your Bone Vivant: Santa Paws is Coming to Town!



Hello there, SC Dog Lovers!

Guess what, pup-lovin’ folks? Santa Paws is coming soon! My Momma has been telling me all about him and that if I am a good boy I will get more treats and toys this year from Santa Paws. I promise, I am trying to be the best boxer boy Momma could ask for and I can’t wait for Santa Paws to come and bring me (and my sister…) presents! There are so many treats and toys I want! Did I mention treats? And toys? So don’t forget us pups this Christmas when you are out shopping. Here are some of my favorites that I am pretty sure all doggies – young and old – would love to get in their stocking or wrapped up under the Christmas tree!

Specialty Treats – DIY healthy dog treats. While you are making Christmas cookies, make some homemade goodies for your fur babies. There are a lot of recipes online to choose from and you may even find a local dog bakery in the area.

Grooming Products – You love us to smell good and we love to smell good, because then you hug on us more! Get us some great new bathing items, waterless shampoos and doggy cologne sprays.

Fashionable Items – Some of us pups get cold in the winter months and really love to wear comfy sweaters and coats. We may even strut a little if it’s a good looking fashion piece, so get us some new digs to wear this season.

Toys – You just can’t go wrong with new toys! Stuffed toys, rope toys, tennis balls – any and all toys!

Bones – A lot of pups love dog bones, so that is always a great gift to get. Make sure they are high quality bones that will not splinter or soften after chewing. Talk with your vet or a pet store consultant about the best products to get for your pup.

Wiggle bottom and slobbery smooches to you and yours!
Ollie Pup

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