Your Community Partner: Brian Smith & Smith, Sholar, Milliken, PLLC


Brian Smith & Smith, Sholar, Milliken, PLLC
By: Shelly Robertson Birdsong

As experts in the field of real estate transactions, Smith, Sholar, Milliken, PLLC has been providing comprehensive real property title and settlement services throughout middle Tennessee for more than twenty-five years. Realtors, lenders, builders, developers and individual homeowners rely on their team of title insurance attorneys and expert staff to handle their closings every step of the way. With three full time attorneys with over fifty years of experience in the title insurance and real estate industry, Smith, Sholar, Milliken, PLLC provides expertise and personalized guidance in the closing of both residential and commercial transactions.

Firm principal, Brian L. Smith practices real estate law focusing on residential and commercial real estate closings, represents four local and regional Associations of Realtors® in Tennessee and closes mortgage transactions for over 200 different lenders. He and his partner, Todd Sholar, publish a free weekly email “Real Estate Legal Tip of the Week” which is sent to real estate professionals and has been compiled into the book: From the files of Smith, Sholar, Associates – 101 Real Estate Legal Tips of the Week.

Your Sumner wanted to have a chance to share some expertise in the field of real estate with our readers in this issue featuring real estate and development in Sumner County. Who better to talk to than Brian?

YS:  What made you decide to practice real estate law thirty-four years ago?

BLS: “I started my career litigating, defending and suing people and it was just too negative. Every day, clients were arguing about stuff that happened five years ago and weren’t satisfied even if they won because it was too expensive and took five years to resolve. Real estate is a win – win situation. It is very gratifying to be able to help people in a constructive process. Buyers buy something they want, sellers sell something they want to sell and the timeline is about one to three months. The folks we serve are at least somewhat happy to ecstatic!” 

YS: How has the real estate industry changed over the last thirty years?

BLS: “Technology changed the real estate industry just as much as it changed every other industry. The nature in which services are delivered has taken a quantum leap for the better. The biggest shift is in government regulations. The federal agencies are drowning the mortgage lenders in thousands of regulations and it makes the process of borrowing and closing a transaction take more time and cost more money.” 

YS: Where do you see the local real estate industry headed over the next twenty years?

BLS: “I see middle Tennessee in twenty years resembling the Atlanta area and outlying counties. We will have a vibrant economy from the Kentucky line all the way down to the Alabama line. There are just so many great reasons for businesses and industries to re-locate to middle Tennessee. It won’t be without some problems and the national economy will have an effect on how fast that occurs. I certainly see the next twenty years in middle Tennessee being very good for the real estate community and one of the most vibrant local economies in the United States.” 

Smith, Sholar, Milliken, PLLC prides itself on being a proactive and industry involved law firm. All of their attorneys are approved educators by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. Their diverse experience allows for rational and creative solutions to title problems, no matter how complex or involved. Additionally, utilizing both Stewart Title Insurance Company and First American Title as their provider of title insurance underwriters, enables them to insure almost any real estate transaction.

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