Your Community Partner: Sumner Regional Medical Center


By: Catherine Royka

Less than a mile from historic downtown Gallatin, you’ll come across Sumner Regional Medical Center (SRMC). The hospital has been a landmark in the community since 1959, providing exceptional health care services to their patients from Gallatin to Hendersonville and the surrounding areas. They are more than just a hospital. They are part of the greater Sumner County community family, and are continually giving with their time and resources to their patients, staff and local charities and nonprofit organizations. SRMC’s core is their staff that strives every day to make it an exceptional location for care.

“I think the most important aspect for this community is the dedication of the staff of this hospital since 1959,” says Susan Peach, CEO of Sumner Regional Medical Center and Market President of HighPoint Health Systems. “This hospital was built to serve a community that needed it. Having expert health care close to home is what every community needs and to do as much as you possibly can safely as the hospital grows.”

SRMC has grown from just fifty employees and seven physicians back in 1959, to over 1,000 employees and 300 physicians today. They operate a 155-bed healthcare facility and provide quality care in a variety of areas, including cancer treatment, cardiac care, same-day surgery, orthopedics, diagnostics, women’s health and rehabilitation services. The hospital continues to expand, by adding driven staff members, new and improved services and offices to better serve the ever-growing Sumner community.

“I have been so impressed with the resiliency and the dedication of the staff,” says Susan. They even have a staff member in the O.R. who was there when the hospital opened in December of 1959. “There are numerous employees that have been with the hospital for ten, twenty and even thirty years. We celebrate those employees every single year. They far surpass any of my expectations as far as loyalty to this community. They are treating their neighbors, and that is why they continue to do this. When you’re a patient here, you are not a number, you are truly a family member and a community member that we enjoy serving.”

Goals & Growth

The main focus for Susan and her team right now is building their clinical expertise and clinical resources at the hospital. They want to continue to build service lines to meet the needs of the community in the future.

“Our mission is to make communities healthier,” says Susan. “We want to offer services as close to our community residents as possible.” While Susan has been with SRMC, they have added Sumner Station, a new free-standing ER, the new Carpenter Cancer Center has opened with the addition of PET CT services and so much more. At the main campus, a helipad has been built for faster emergency transport and twelve new physician offices have been added. The list goes on and continues to go on for the exceptional growth and success of this hospital.

“Just like with any business, you have to be competent, have the resources, the equipment and the space to provide those services in a high-quality way. That is what we have been doing for the past five years here, we have been steadily adding building blocks to our clinical competency, to our quality and our resources, so that we can offer those services here safely,” explains Susan. Each year, you will see the building blocks and growth of SRMC, with the hospital adding a clinical service line or two that is based on data and growth in the community.


The excitement for the new beginnings at SRMC does not stop there. Though the growth is exceptionally important, Susan reflects on how this progression has impacted her and the community through the years. There are three key elements she has been most proud of over her six years with the hospital, which have helped her continue to keep the momentum for development.

Susan is most proud of the reputation of the hospital. “I think people have a lot of confidence using our services and coming to our hospital and expecting great service and great care,” she says. “They are cared for by the people that they know and trust.”

Second, her task from LifePoint from the start has been to develop and mentor leaders. Within their system, she has promoted ten people in five-and-a-half years into progressive executive positions, both inside the entity of SRMC and other LifePoint hospitals.

Finally, the impact the hospital has had on the local economy is exceptional. They provide over 1,100 jobs and are one of the largest tax payers. “We are also a very good community partner, we have strong philanthropy and donation history here at the hospital and continue to donate over $100,000 each year to local charities,” says Susan.

Giving Back

SRMC is proud to partner with and support numerous local organizations in the area that provide greatly needed services and education to residents. In 2016, they provided more than $65,000 to support systems including the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Gallatin Rotary, Gallatin Shalom Zone, Historic Cragfont, Historic Rose Mont, Middle Tennessee Council of Boys Scouts of America, Portland High School, Salvus Center, United Way, Vena Stuart Elementary and Volunteer State College Foundation.

SRMC is also passionate about helping out area schools. Sumner Regional Medical Center’s BodyGuard Sports Medicine department allocated resources and salaries totaling more than $300,000 for four full-time certified athletic trainers to provide athletic training support to student athletes in Gallatin, Portland, Station Camp and Westmoreland high schools in Sumner County. In addition, they have worked with the Macon County High School, Red Boiling Springs School and Volunteer State Community College to provide assistance to the schools and to the student athletes.

Business & Life in Sumner County

Life in Sumner County is pretty great, and Susan could not be more thrilled to do business and live in this wonderful area. “Oh, I love Sumner County,” exclaims Susan. “I am probably one of the biggest advocates for Sumner County that you could have ever met. I have traveled the entire country – I have been to every state doing the work I did years ago. I would never want to live anywhere else.”

The middle Tennessee area has a plethora to offer, making it extremely ideal for a range of people. “We are so close to Nashville, you can go to a hockey game, you can go to the symphony, then you can come back and to the country and live a peaceful, quiet life. Great school systems, great shopping, places to eat and to work,” says Susan. “We have everything you could ever want to raise a family and have a lovely and wonderful family life in a safe environment. I love it.”

Sumner Regional Medical Center
555 Hartsville Pike
Gallatin, Tennessee 37066

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