Your Community Partners: 2017 Distinctively Southern Gentlemen


Homer Bradley has had a pretty great eighty-eight years, though really it is the people around him who have had it really good, benefiting from his lifelong commitment to community and volunteerism.

His awards and honors are countless for his work with the DAR, the Sumner County Food Bank, the Gallatin Chamber of Commerce and so much more. For the past nine years he has been a full-time volunteer at Morningside of Gallatin and estimates he has put in about 15,000 hours at the pet-friendly assisted living facility, after clocking ten years and 10,000 hours volunteering at Sumner Regional Medical Center.

At Morningside you can find him there all day every day during the week, helping out in the dining room and taking over desk duties when needed.

“Most anything that needs doing, they have me to do it,” he says. He even gets to spend time with a few old friends he went to school with, now residents at Morningside. “I know quite a few people in Sumner County and Gallatin because I’ve been here a long time,” he says.

Born in Cairo, a bit in the country and off the lake, Bradley has never left his family farm, and never wanted to. “This is the most beautiful spot of the world. Why would I leave?” he says.

He has one daughter who teaches at Gallatin High School – “That’s all I wanted and that’s what God sent me,” he says – as well as two grandsons and two great granddaughters. He gets up every Sunday for church and takes time to enjoy all the natural assets – and booming progress – that Sumner has to offer.

“I enjoy coming to Gallatin and seeing all the beautiful churches and the state of the art library, then going out into the country and seeing all the beautiful fields, some of them full of wheat, some of them full of cattle,” he says. “Then the main thing is just the good people here in Sumner County.”

Bradley remembers when Krystal, one of the only restaurants in town, still sold hamburgers for a nickel and is constantly amazed at the growth in the area. And turning eighty-nine on June 30th, he is really looking forward to the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse that has put Gallatin in the spotlight on a worldwide level, with anywhere from 66,000-264,000 people anticipated to converge to Gallatin on the August 21st event.

But even with all of the excitement the total solar eclipse is bringing in is the day-to-day life Bradley loves most of all.

“Getting up in the morning and being able to get dressed and driving and doing the volunteer work that I do. I have a good family. Going to church, being able to come out to Morningside. Being able to go to all these functions that I enjoy going to, like with the Chamber of Commerce – it’s things like this that I really enjoy,” he says.

But he does have a piece of advice for people who are aiming to live a life as fulfilled as his: “Be real kind and have a lot of love. Try to treat everybody like you would love for them to treat you.”

“Getting up in the morning and being able to get dressed and driving and doing the volunteer work that I do…it’s things like this that I really enjoy.”


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