Don’t Delay! Plan Ahead for Your Snow Day!


By: Krista Ehret – We all remember that nostalgic feeling of waking up on the morning of a potential snow day. You feel the butterflies as soon as your eyes pop open. You cautiously make your way to the window and peek out to assess the lawn, praying the weather man had gotten it right and there was at least a dusting that had fallen overnight. Finally, listening anxiously to the local news to hear if the county had decided to grant your one and only wish. Three…two…one…Snow Day!!! The only weather report that will ever ignite a feeling of pure joy in kids while simultaneously throwing parents into scramble mode. Whether you’re a kid at heart and love these mornings like me, or you grumble as you search for your ice scraper, you can fend off the havoc of an unexpected no school day with some forethought.

Book a Sitter Now

Inevitably, whether it’s snow or it’s less fun counterpart, ice, we will have at least one snow day this season. Figuring out who can keep the kids last minute is what sends parents into high blood pressure mode, so don’t let this be a morning-of conundrum. If neither parent is able to stay home, look at the proximity of your options. Roads may be messy, so you want to start with those nearest to you… or go straight to the family member who hails from Colorado and can drive on the slippery stuff with their eyes closed.

Stock Up on Necessities

While French toast is yummy, I’m not talking about the grocery store rush of bread, milk and eggs here. Make sure each kid has what they need for keeping warm in the snow and that everything is accessible for an easy getaway. Other items to have on hand are a sled, snowman apparel and feet warmers.

Get Creative

While sledding, snowmen and forts are iconic go-to’s, there are a surprising number of unique ways to make snow fun. A quick search on Pinterest will result in activities such as DIY snow paint, snow sharks, blowing bubbles that freeze and snow cream recipes. Find a couple your kids would enjoy and go ahead and collect the needed items.

Have Boredom Busters on Hand

The snow will only entertain the brood for so long. Once their hands are numb or someone has gotten hit in the face with a snowball, it’s time for some indoor fun. Tuck away some toys, books, games or craft projects that can be brought out when they are most needed. Engage in a favorite family movie by including a game to go along with it. For instance, you can find printable bingo cards for their favorite movie. Each space contains a certain scene from the movie.

Make it Magical

We too often let adulting bring us down. Embrace the day and look at it through your little one’s eyes. They’re only little for a short time. Get excited with them when the day off is announced. If you’re lucky enough to be home, start the morning with hot chocolate and snowman pancakes, play in the snow, serve hot soup and grilled cheese, and watch their favorite movie with them for the thousandth time. If you do have to go to work, don’t grumble about the roads or how inconvenient it is that they canceled school. Tell them to send you pictures of their snow creations and that you can’t wait to hear about their day when you get home.

Taking a little time to prep now, will make snow days even more fun, or at least less stressful, in the moment. Engage with your kids and find out what their favorite thing about these surprise days off is. Use the time to create new traditions and memories that will stay with you and them throughout the years.

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