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Flowers from Always in Bloom

Flowers from Always in Bloom

Make your next dish awesome with blossoms

By Catherine Royka

What says spring better than flowers, right? In addition to just enjoying your flowers in your garden, why don’t you add some to your next meal or dessert? We’ve compiled a short list of some flowers you can actually eat. Bring out your inner chef and add some flowers to your next dish.

Pansies. These colorful and delicate little blooms are the perfect addition to your next cake to add a pop of color. Use them as a garnish in fruit salads, green salads and soups. The petals have a mild and plain flavor. To cool down this summer, add petals to homemade popsicles!

Roses. All rose varieties are edible, with flavors ranging from fruity to mint to a little bit of spice. Darker roses have a more pronounced flavor. Try freezing petals in ice cube trays and use the floral ice cubes in your next cocktail.

Marigold. Use these bright flowers in your next salad, as they have a tangy and citrus flavor. They are sometimes used as a substitution for saffron.

Dandelions. These bright-yellow, honey-like flavor flowers can be used many different ways and change in flavor depending on their stage. Flowers are sweetest when picked young and mature flowers are bitter. Young dandelion leaves can be steamed or tossed into salads.

Squash Blossoms. These pretty yellow blossoms have an asparagus-like taste. Blossoms can be used as a garnish, stuffed, made into fried or grilled fritters, added to salad and in stir-frys.

Carnations. The petals on this flower are surprisingly sweet, but be sure to cut them away from the bitter white base of the flower. Add petals to wine, jellies, salads and desserts.

Tip: Make sure any flowers you use are pesticide-free before you eat them!

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