Fall Fashion: Style Around Sumner


By Hollie Deese

Sumner County is filled with strong, beautiful women who look effortlessly amazing while still maintaining their own sense of identity and style. Here are three local ladies who epitomize hard work and confidence, all while looking incredible.


Hendersonville native Kristen Weigel is always on the go, whether capturing her subjects’ best moments as a photographer or chasing around her two young boys. Her personal style is hard to define, and she likes it that way.

“I will look at something and maybe like one thing from it, then from there kind of find what I like and what I want and put my own thing together,” she says. “I just kind of do my own thing.”

And that can mean taking a piece and altering it to fit her needs.

“Scissors are a staple in my wardrobe,” she says. “That sounds crazy, but I’m not afraid to make something my own at all. I like having the guts to get a Free People bag and cut it up and wrap it around my wrist. I’m definitely a free spirit.”

The daughter of a former Miss Nashville, Weigel could never lay out her clothes for the next day because she loves to dress in the moment, and is not overly concerned with what the rules might be.

“Same thing with my photography – I do not follow the rules,” she says. “I’ve never done things the way that anybody else does them. It’s almost the exact same way with my fashion. I just know what I like and what I don’t, and don’t really care what anybody else says.”

Weigel knows her body type well, so she has no problem shopping online, opting for outlets like Urban Outfitters, Free People and Target to snag interesting pieces she can mix and match with her existing wardrobe.

“Rarely do I put the same thing together twice,” she says. “I don’t know if it’s the creative in me or what, but I will just keep mixing and matching until I do something different. Even if it’s just grabbing things off of my floor and putting stuff together, it’s never really thought out.”

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-9-47-59-amFor her shoots, she likes a bit more order, so she turns to wardrobe stylist Wendy Hicks and hair and makeup artist Kelly Valente to get just the right shot.

Of course, she isn’t above admitting past style mishaps either, including a sixth-grade era perm and Laura Ashley onesie, or the old-man flannel grunge trend from the 90s.

“I was a hot mess of awesomeness,” she laughs.

Now, she is fully confident in what works for her to get sucked into trends. For fall, she looks forward to being able to layer more pieces and texture, like her favorite rompers with long sweaters, boots and long socks.

“I like to have some kind of string or texture and different layers,” she says. “If I have lace, I’m going to want to have something that’s opposite texture, something that’s going to give it some interest. It’s like I’m part hippy, I’m part rock and roll. I’m part everything and that’s the problem. I have to pull pieces to fit whatever it is me that day.”

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