Golf Tips to Get You into the Swing of Things


Golf is a great pastime during the spring and summer months. It serves as a way to relax, network with clients, or just enjoy the outdoors for a few hours. In honor of the man issue, I thought it would be great to offer a few tips that can improve your overall game. Unfortunately, my golf expertise is limited to attempting to keep the ball in-bounds on the putt-putt course. Luckily, I was able to enlist the help of The Golf Guy: aka, my husband, Tim, who has been playing for years both competitively and for fun. Here are a few areas of potential weakness and ways to improve them.

Slicing the Ball off the Tee Box. You can tell this is a problem if the ball is going to the left (for lefties) or the right (for righties) when you’re driving. If you’re needing to straighten your ball flight, try laying a golf towel across your chest and securing it there under both arms. When you swing, don’t let the towel fall. This allows you to keep your club face more square at impact and will help your drive go straight. Use this technique on the driving range so as not to induce any odd glances on the course.

Chipping. Many golfers may either “skull” the ball which makes it fly way too far or “chunk” it which only moves the ball along by about two feet. Either issue may be resolved by your stance. Make sure to stand in a putting position with your feet closer together versus a driving stance with your feet further apart. Swing your arms in a pendulum fashion with the focus being on not breaking your wrists. You may also try using your nine iron instead of a sand wedge.

Putting. If you find putting to be your weakness, you may be holding the club too tightly. Loosen your grip and imagine that you’re holding a water balloon. If you squeeze too tightly, the balloon will pop. This looser hold will enable your putter face to be square at impact which will keep your ball on the line you intend it to be on.

Ball Placement Depending on Club. Don’t get in the habit of always putting the ball of the middle of your stance. Where you place your ball should vary depending on which club you are currently using. From the sand wedge up to the driver, the ball should start in the back of your stance and gradually move towards the front. This movement will help to achieve a purer strike.

Remember, while technique is a huge part of mastering your golf game, it’s also largely a mental sport. Many mistakes are made in the six inches of space between your ears. Make sure to visualize yourself making a good shot, take a deep breath before swinging, and relax your muscles. You may be surprised the impact that this will have in itself.

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