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The world of insurance has become such a confusing place to navigate. Hendersonville physician Dr. Dawn Linn at Rapha Family Wellness has made it her mission to make taking care of patients easier by not allowing insurance to dictate her care plans. “For so many, using insurance – or even having it – has become an expensive burden and I took the best option I found. I dropped my insurance contracts so I could, instead, focus on the patients.” By doing this patients no longer use their insurance to see Dr. Linn as their physician. Rapha Family Wellness is a direct primary care (DPC) clinic, a fast-growing healthcare model that reinforces the relationship of the patient and physician with less insurance restrictions. As a DPC, Dr. Linn charges an affordable monthly membership for a broad range of services, similar to how one would pay for a gym.

Whether it’s for a comprehensive physical or well-woman exam, or acute or chronic conditions, patients still get the full scope primary care as always but with improved quality and more flexibility. Dr. Linn says it is important for people to remember that health insurance does not equal healthcare. In fact, just because you have insurance does not mean you have to use it. Many of her patients are actually saving money by not allowing their insurance companies to pay for their visits. In addition, Dr. Linn is also proud that she has seen patients who haven’t sought medical care in years due to not having coverage. “The truth is that the affordable care act did not help make things more affordable for a subset of the population who is now being forgotten or ignored. We’re trying to do what we can to get things back to the days when your physician was an important part of your family’s health and future. I’m honored that so many people consider this relationship with me valuable and worthwhile.”

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