Outdoor Living Just Right In Hendersonville


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By Hollie Deese

Originally from North Carolina, Jan and Frank Moser moved to Tennessee in 1984, first to Memphis, then to Gallatin just a year later, for Frank’s career in cosmetics. Setting off the Saturday after Jan graduated from college, the couple was just starting to build their life together.

Not long after that, and now 20 years ago, they moved into their beloved Hendersonville abode and began to plant the roots that have kept them here while both of their family’s remain in North Carolina. But as their lives have grown, so had their home which three years ago went through some major renovations inside and out to keep up with their evolving needs as a family.

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“We have a pretty large backyard, and it was just grass and trees, but we wanted more of a space for our kids as they got older that they could bring their spouses and then, eventually, their children here,” says Jan. “We wanted something where we could entertain… a place for family.”

Since the Moser’s children have all grown and moved out, the expansive backyard that was once just right for them to run around and play was much better reconstructed as an all-inclusive gathering space. So gone went the trampoline, makeshift soccer field and tool shed and in came the in-ground pool with hot tub, kitchen complete with appliances and pizza oven, wood-burning fireplace and pool house.

“We do a lot out here,” she says. “This time of year is great because it’s just so nice out here in the evenings and then when it gets to be fall, we put fires in the fireplace. Even in the winter we get in the hot tub when it snows and spend a lot of time out here.”

The renovation was handled by Robin Meyer of Robin’s Nest Interiors in Hendersonville, and was complete just in time for the home to be the location of the Moser’s son’s wedding three years ago. And last July, the home acted as venue for their daughter’s nuptials as well.

“It just made a nice place for everybody to gather because we can fit a lot of people out here,” she says. “We love to use it for family and friends. Both sides of our families are from out of town so we did this to have something here if we needed for everyone to be together.”

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Indeed, the home’s backyard has become the kind of family gathering place the Mosers always dreamed it could be, a place for people near and far to come and reconnect.

“We grill out here, and we have events out here. We just had a baby shower Sunday for my daughter-in-law,” Jan says. “We used the backyard before, but the space wasn’t conducive to having events. Now we have space for sitting, grilling or eating.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 4.13.47 PMThey have even been known to throw some take-and-bake Papa Murphy’s pizzas in the outdoor pizza oven for impromptu group get-togethers. “It’s fun if we have a large crowd and don’t really want to heat up the grill,” she says. Then, they just stock the outdoor fridge with sodas and mixers, and top off drinks with ice from the maker without ever stepping foot inside.

The air-conditioned and heated pool house was built with all-day parties in mind, and while it doesn’t have a shower it does have a bathroom, sink, plenty of towels to dry off and even a spot to grab an afternoon siesta.

“We just kind of made this space out here where if you wanted to have something for the whole day, you could eat and keep things cold and go to the bathroom and swim and take a nap and everything,” she says. “It was a vision for a future for kids and grandkids.”

And there will be lots of reasons to open their home and celebrate with family this year – including those first few splashes with their grandchildren. On May 12th it will be the Mosers 32nd wedding anniversary, and in June and then again September, they will be celebrating the birth of their first two grandchildren.

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With decades of love and memories in their Hendersonville home – and even more soon to be had – the Mosers can’t imagine going back to North Carolina. This is where they know they belong.

“All of our friends and our church are here, and while we are not on the lake we like being able to have access to it and we keep two jet skis at Bluegrass,” Jan says. “We had a great experience with the schools, and the kids played sports and danced and Hendersonville was convenient for all of that. It’s a nice clean city with shopping, food and fun activities. And now we get to relax in our own backyard.”

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