Interior Thinking: New Year, New Home


By Kelly Oakley | Photos by Eloise Photography

New Year’s resolutions… sometimes I’m not sure why we make a list. I mean shouldn’t every day be the day we resolve to make the most of our lives? But, every year, I make a mental list of things I want to do and things I want to change. Eat healthy, save more, stop procrastinating and send more thank you cards. These actions are at the top of everyone’s lists come January. Something else on those lists? Home projects.

We can’t tell you how many customers pass through our store and tell us about their dream plans for their home. The sad part is how many people think those dreams can’t come true. They want their home to feel new and current, but they don’t think it’s possible or they think it’s too much work. Like many new year’s resolutions, remodel plans tend to fall off our radar. That’s kind of how one of our latest renovations came about.

If you’ve ever been to Arrington, you’ll probably recognize the little project that we like to call Blackhawk.

Plenty of people took a walk through this house and, just like me with my new year’s resolutions, thought there was too much to tackle. But this home proved to us that a little change goes a long way.

Paint. That’s the first thing we did, and the first thing we recommend when updating your home. A neutral paint color is like a blank canvas. Brightening up your space can completely change the look and allow you to make any décor changes you want.

The next step to updating this home was to swap out the light fixtures. While we still wanted the lighting to be sophisticated, we also wanted it to give off a more comfortable vibe. We were able to accomplish this by choosing fixtures that had both classic and contemporary features.

Taking it up a notch, we moved on to the bathrooms. In our secondary bathrooms, we kept the structural basics and made changes to the finishes. Darker colors like brown and beige colored travertine used to be the go-to look for tile in showers, but now it’s all about whites, grays and smooth textures. Replace the vanity and mirror for something unique and you’re all set. For the master bathroom, we went all out by replacing the cabinets.

The biggest change we made was to the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of a home, so we like to save our money and our resources to make it all it can be. We completely gutted the existing kitchen and replaced it with all white cabinets, statement hardware, an incredible quartz countertop and walk-in pantry.

While you may not be able to gut your kitchen, or tackle the whole job at once, we hope you add your home projects to your list this year! Don’t get to next December with a list of things you wish you’d done. Take it one small change at a time! And, if you need a little help while you focus on your resolutions, let our team at ReFresh take over your list of home to-do’s.


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