Interior Thinking: Refresh for Summer


By Robin Meyer

s we approach the summer months we begin to romanticize about all that makes it great. We tilt our heads back and recall the scents of summer foliage, fresh cut grass and burgers on the grill. We close our eyes as we conjure images of melted ice cream on a hot sidewalk, rosy cheeks of children at play, and relaxing by a pool or lake. While most summertime memories revolve around vacations and the outdoors, we can make the most of the season and bring the magic of summer into our homes.

If we simply examine our homes, we can all find areas where we can add a fresh new look that helps us enjoy these summer months. Options for interior changes depend on your unique lifestyle. Consider the following: Are there children in the home? How often is the home used for entertaining guests? Do you work at home? There are many other things to consider, so creating a “freshen-up” to-do list will be helpful. The most common areas many people change seasonally are the primary living spaces such as living room, family room, kitchen and dining areas, etc.

To bring summer into your primary living spaces you must first de-clutter. Put away last season’s decorations. Next, consider some summer accessories. A new picture on the wall depicting a summer scene can change the mood of the room. Changing pillows and throws to bring in summer colors is an inexpensive way to brighten up a room. Make sure to change your throws to a lightweight cotton for those cool summer evenings.

Also, changing accessories makes an impact. For example, changing out your dark candle holders to pretty glass ones, with fresh new summer breeze or fresh linen smell, will inspire you. Try bringing in a sea-glass colored vase with some fresh-cut flowers and you will smile every time you enter the room. If you want to treat yourself, head out to a local artisan fair and pick up a nice piece of pottery you can fill up with your favorite summertime fruits. It’s also great for conveniently grabbing an apple on the go.

Adding a summer feel to your home doesn’t end with the common living areas. You can bring the joy of summer into your personal spaces as well. Summertime is an exciting time for children. You can use this time to help transition them as they change grades or schools. Changing a child’s room can help them get ready for personal growth and encourages creativity. Simple changes can include creating a board to show off all their pictures of summertime activities and friends. If you use solid color bedding you can easily change out the look with pillows and sheets for the season.

Changing paint is also a way to change the feel of a room, but keep in mind that just because you love the color does not mean it will look good on the walls. Be careful when allowing a child to choose a color as they usually select vibrant colors. By going a few shades lighter, you get an acceptable hue. You can always accent with the stronger color. Another trend that many people are taking advantage of is vinyl wall decals. These can be as simple as letters for initials or names to a larger than life hero.

Changing your décor to match the season doesn’t have to be a huge chore. Keep in mind that even simple changes can help to brighten up a space. Many people consult professionals when beginning large projects, however it’s helpful to do so with smaller projects as well. Sitting down with a professional designer is always the best way to avoid costly mistakes and stay within a budget.

Robin Meyer is the owner and designer of Robin’s Nest Interiors in Hendersonville.

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