Your Kids: Help Your Little One Get a Green Thumb


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By: Ginger Jones

Your kids might be natural gardeners. Kids are super curious little things who love to learn by doing – what better way to learn about nature than to get their hands in some dirt? It’s a wonderful way for them to learn about fruits and vegetables, plus you get to work on a project and spend time together. It will boost their self-esteem to watch their plants grow, and it will teach them about the hard work and dedication that goes into the meals they eat every single day.

What should you plant? Here are some garden vegetables that are easiest for kids to plant and care for – for more specific instructions on how to keep these veggies alive – a quick Google search should do the trick.

Lettuce. It’s a quick and reliable crop that’s going to yield fast results. This is something really great to start with as a confidence booster, and it’s especially great for little ones with equally little patience. Plus, they’ll want to make their own salads out of it.

Snap Peas. Bush sugar snap peas are much easier to grow and only need moderate support, so they’re great if you’ve got a busy household. The peas don’t even need to be shelled, so you can eat them raw right from the garden.

Cherry Tomatoes. Don’t be surprised when most of your tomatoes don’t make it into the kitchen – that’s pretty normal. What’s appealing about these to kids? The bright variety of colors they come in. The most popular is Sun Gold, and it’s what I recommend because it’s reliable even when conditions aren’t perfect.

Potatoes. Honestly, these are on the list because they are so fun to harvest. It’s like hunting for buried treasure when you pull them out of the ground.

Radishes.  Another veggie with quick results. They’ll germinate in just three to ten days, and you’ll be pulling them in twenty to thirty more!

You can start small and expand, working your way up to more difficult plants to take care of. All the while, your little guy or gal is learning about responsibility, nutrition and how to take care of the Earth!

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