Your Kids: Valentine’s Day Crafts


By: Ginger Jones – Making Valentine crafts is a wonderful holiday tradition. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of year to remind those that you love and care about, just what they mean to you, and that goes for our children, too!

If your children need to bring gifts or Valentines for their class, the prices can really add up. Here are some crafts that you can make at home that encourage creativity, family bonding time and leave your wallet a little thicker!

Want to make crayon hearts? It’s easy! All you have to do is remove the paper around the crayon, break them into a few pieces, and melt them inside of silicone molds in the oven at 250°F for about ten minutes. Let your kids get creative with picking the molds and mixing colors.

Want a real treat? There are so many options at any grocery store for something to bake – don’t forget the pink and red frosting. You can teach your kids all about baking and the science that goes into cakes or cookies.

There is nothing like a handmade card. Bonus? It’s great for working on handwriting and fine motor skills. Have them think of the most special people in their life, and let them write down why those people are so special and deserved to be loved on! Here’s a fun tip – if you cut a stalk of celery in half and dip it in red paint, it becomes a rose stamp.

Did you know that you can re-purpose those heart-shaped candy boxes? Have your kids help you cut pictures into the shape of a heart (there’s some more fine motor skill work for you!) and stick them into the bottom of the empty boxes to be used as frames.

No matter how you decide to make your special Valentine’s gift, there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to get out of it: fun, quality time with your children! What better way to spend your Valentine’s Day?

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