We’re in the Money: Working in Gallatin


By: Jonathan Walker – When Paul Winkler Inc. decided to expand in the fall of 2014, it became clear to us that Gallatin was the perfect choice for our new office. We loved the transformation that was taking place near the courthouse and opened our office early 2015, just off the Square on North Water Avenue. It was the perfect choice!

If you live in Sumner County, and have not recently visited the Gallatin Square, you are missing out. The Square has a lot to offer. There are many businesses, boutiques, the farmer’s market, several restaurants and coffee shops that add to the energy and upbeat vibe of a revitalization effort that is able to bring an urban feel, without sacrificing old town charm.

In addition to the storefronts in downtown Gallatin, the city is doing an excellent job bringing special events to the area. These events include Main Street Festival, live music concerts, community movie nights, fun-run fundraisers and so much more. In fact, every year on Halloween, the Square is crawling with miniature sized ghosts and goblins, eagerly collecting treats from the business, long before the sun goes down. In my experience, I believe the business owners actually enjoy this event more than the kiddos!

Possibly, because I was raised in a small town, I prefer to avoid the “hustle and bustle” of the big city. In the day of big box stores, Gallatin has excelled at maintaining a small town feel with an emphasis on local business. It is a town where people still say “hello” to folks they pass on the street, hold doors open for the person walking through behind them and where common sense and courtesy are still common. I am not surprised that Gallatin was recently named “Nicest Place in America 2017” by Reader’s Digest.     

Our office has been on the Square for almost three years and we have seen and benefited from the ongoing growth as the area continues to regenerate itself into a small “urban” town culture. I feel blessed to be part of the growth in our area. Please stop by and say hi anytime and then, please take the time to enjoy some of what Gallatin has to offer.

If you have any financial questions at all, feel free to give our Gallatin office a call at 615.461.8653, or check us out at paulwinkler.net. We can set up a free initial consultation to determine if our office can help you with your current situation. You can also tune into our radio show on WTN 99.7 FM every Saturday from 3pm-6 pm. 

Until next month,
Jonathan Walker, CFP®, RICP®

*Advisory services offered through Paul Winkler, Inc. (“PWI”), a Registered Investment Advisor. PWI does not provide tax or legal advice; please consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your particular situation. This information is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed to be a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any securities. 

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