News From the Schools


New principal at Millersville Elementary

Dr. Del Phillips, Sumner County Director of Schools, is pleased to announce he has named Tracey Carson as the new principal for Millersville Elementary. Tracey has served the district as a lead educator since 2014. Most recently, she has been the lead educator at Millersville Elementary. Prior to 2014, Tracey served the Portland community as an elementary teacher.

“I am excited to continue the great and impactful work already happening at Millersville Elementary. Our school community has a growth mindset that will propel our students to college and career readiness. Having been a lead educator at Millersville Elementary for the past two years, I already know and love the students, teachers, community, and parents,” Tracey said. Del stated, “Tracey is a natural fit for Millersville Elementary. She has already had an instructional impact on the school and community. We are anticipating a long and fruitful career for Tracey at Millersville.”

Sumner County Schools Will Close on Eclipse Day

Sumner County Schools have voted to close school on Monday, August 21 for the total solar eclipse, one of the long-awaited events in the Sumner County area, which is expected to draw a large number of visitors from all over. With this decision, Sumner County Schools have decided to shorten the spring break vacation by a day for this switch. Students will now attend school on Thursday, March 22 and Spring Break will be Friday, March 23 through Sunday, April 1.

Sumner County Schools Are Hiring

If you are considering a career with Sumner County Schools, whether it is elementary, middle or high school, there are many jobs available on their online site throughout all the counties in Sumner. There are various and diverse openings for custodian staff, school nutrition staff workers, library clerks and a wide range of teaching positions for math, history and science, to name a few. If you are interested in pursuing a career within the Sumner County Schools, visit

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