Pours & Palates: The Harris Room


I recently had a dining experience at the newly renovated Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club’s Harris Room that was exceptional. The Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club recently reopened after undergoing numerous renovations to the space and upon walking in, you would not even recognize the Club. The architecture and décor have given the Club an entire new look of modern and chic with an art deco influence. It is remarkable. Included in the renovations were the dining areas, which is where I had my wonderful tasting experience.

The Harris Room is located on the second level and definitely provides guests a room with a view. The space has plenty of tables for seating, booths lining the windows and a bar that creates a visually outstanding centerpiece. At that bar, original cocktails and craft brews takes the stage. Director of Operations, Joel Fatula, has been mixing creative and innovative drinks for many years and Bluegrass boasts several of his crafty cocktail inspirations on the menu. Joel has some staple drinks, but also thinks of new seasonal sips. While I was there, I got to taste The Cumberland, which consists of Hendrix Gin, St. Germaine, cucumber simple syrup, lemon squeeze and is garnished with a cucumber ribbon. This summer heat can be tolerated with one of these thirst quenching and easy to drink refreshers!

Speaking of chef – I also got to try a couple of dishes by Bluegrass’s Executive Chef, Donald Ferguson. He has been cooking and creating for over twenty-eight years and prides himself on the farm to table aspect of cooking, prepping and presenting. The first dish I tried was one of Donald’s favorites – the Crab Cake & Fried Green Tomato with Cajun Aioli and garnished with fresh herbs. He explained that the way he creates the crab cake differently is that he does not have much filler like other crab cakes. It contains real crab meat and a lot of it! The perfectly crisp fried green tomato that it rests on is plucked straight from Donald’s garden. I am in love with this dish and it is quite possibly one of the best crab cakes I have had.

The second dish I tried was the Cowboy Ribeye topped with caramelized onions and honey bourbon jus and served atop confit roasted potatoes and fried Brussels sprouts that were tossed with red wine vinegar and lardons. Now, this is a meal and could definitely be a plate split amongst two! The bone-in ribeye was cooked to perfection with the crispy charred edges and flavorful sauce. It laid directly on the bed of potatoes and Brussels sprouts, so the flavors practically melted into each other… The sweet of the Brussels red wine glaze and the honey bourbon jus along with the salt from lardons and ribeye seasoning, melded together delectably. My mouth is watering just describing it now…

Is your mouth watering too? Then, I suggest you visit Joel, Donald and the entire team at Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club. Have a tasty meal at The Harris Room and then if you are wanting a night for the adults only with some great cocktails step to the other side of the bar in the evening at the 51 Lounge and sip on some of Joel’s ingenious libations. You will truly enjoy the food, drinks, atmosphere and most importantly the people there. As Donald explains, “I treat everyone as family… And everyone here is family.”

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