Your Real Estate: Catch Some Memories On the Lake


By: Kari Powell

Are you tired of hearing the words “Fortnite” and seeing your kids’ faces glued to a screen? If you’re fortunate enough to live in Sumner County you have a gold mine in your backyard with Old Hickory Lake and a plethora of ponds. Replace your kids’ iPhone with a fishing rod and see what happens. With a little preparation and some luck, your kids may catch the fishing fever. When they stop fishing and start catching, chances are they will be hooked on fishing and begging to go out on the water and cast a line. I’ve never seen my youngest son so excited to get up at 5am to go fishing. It’s like Christmas morning getting his tackle and bait ready the night before. He has recently experienced his “PB” (personal best) on a pond in Gallatin and his new favorite words are, “Fish On!”

Recently we came upon a school of striped bass with some local anglers including Kelly Albert, owner of K9 Fishing, and we were catching a fish just about every cast. My son was in heaven and said it was the best fishing day of his life. I have to admit, I had a ball myself reeling them in and loved watching him have a blast. Earlier this spring we stopped at every pond we could find in our area and walked the shoreline of Old Hickory Lake. We spent seven hours to no avail trying to catch anything that would bite. In this age of instant gratification, I believe it taught him a lot of patience, perseverance and he certainly had more appreciation when the heavens opened up this June and he found himself in the middle of a huge school of fish. He was casting and catching faster than he could unhook’em yelling, “Don’t whine, throw K9.”

Many fishing tournaments around here have youth divisions and kids can get their competitive juices flowing. Recently I met The 3 Legends – Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin who hosted the first “The 3 Legends ‘Cast for a Cure’ Big Bass Tournament” which was held at Sanders Ferry Park in Hendersonville. All ages were able to enter, and Chris Young and other celebrity anglers participated in a great cause. There are some great things happening in Sumner County for our families to get out and enjoy! Once they are off of those phones and out into nature, the smiles and memories start pouring in.

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