Up the Road: Lock 4 Trail


Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 4.30.53 PMBy: Hollie Deese

More than ever, people are coming to Sumner County for its outdoor recreation, and a big part of the draw is the 9.6-mile Lock 4 biking trail. One of the longest-standing bike trails in Middle Tennessee, everyone from nationally-recognized racers to avid mountain bikers hit the well-maintained single-track trail, which is always groomed well and fully-laden with natural features that are used to add to the difficulty and enhance the ride.

David Brown, Director of Leisure Services with the City of Gallatin says they bring in lots of state-wide visitors and about five tournaments a year.

“They are rated one of the best mountain bike trails in the mid-state,” David says.

Divided into segments, there are several offshoots for more advanced riders who prefer trick areas in addition to the smooth, winding turns and more moderate climbs and jumps. And with dedicated parking, gorgeous scenery and wildlife anywhere, it is popular with everyone from families to racers. In fact, many people online have dubbed this one of the best spots dedicated to mountain bikers in the state.

The trail is divided into three loops, each with several offshoots. The South Side Trail is for intermediate riders and is dotted with rocks and roots, and enough bums for a few climbs and subsequent downhill runs. Veering off the trail will give riders the opportunity to ride a significant rock ledge and get some time down by the lake. It is the longest of the three at 5.7 miles.

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The West Side Trail is a bit less tricky than South Side, but there are plenty of obstacles that will keep riders on their toes. Usually closed until spring because it tends to stay wet, there is an advanced portion that shoots off from this 1.8-mile trails that beginners should maybe steer clear from.

The easiest part of the run is the East Side Trail, which begins and ends right at the trailhead. Just over two miles itself, there are a number of more advanced offshoots for riders who have gained their confidence after a few runs.

The trails are easily labeled and color-coded at the trailhead, as well as warnings that the black trails are the most advanced sections so if you see an offshoot you will immediately know if it is out of your realm of ability or not.

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