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Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.43.36 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.44.04 AMThe Smith Group Advertising & Marketing is a full service advertising agency located in Goodlettsville. They have led the charge in cutting edge marketing and advertising since 1975. They have a large focus of accounts right here in Sumner county, as well as all over middle Tennessee and the southeast region. When you step into their office, you can see the fun and eclectic style they bring to their clients and their client’s clients. This team offers a broad spectrum of ideas and creativity to meet the needs of all of their clients.

The Smith Group was started by Stennis Smith. His son, Michael Smith, now runs the company and he, along with his team, provide top-notch marketing talent for Sumner County and well beyond. We had a Q & A with Michael to learn more. You can also check them out at

YS -Tell us about The Smith Group:

MS – We are a full-service advertising agency that helps businesses stay in business. Just think “Mad Men” with a Nashville flair and without all the excessive drinking, (said with a smirk).What we do is help our clients reach certain sales goals. We do this by A: Helping them set a budget and B: Spending those dollars is the best way possible to bring in the most amount of qualified traffic. In-between A and B is everything we do…creative message, branding, ad strategy, media buying, tv and radio spot creation, digital strategy and so on. We create and implement all of this stuff… that’s why we call ourselves “The Traffic Drivers.”

YS – What is your business philosophy and how do you believe a successful business happens?

MS – My father told me long ago, “Do what it takes to win and winning will take care of itself.” He credits C.M. Newton with that quote, but I think it was actually Paul “Bear” Bryant. Either way, I’ll credit that quote to him. We hire the right people and give them the freedom to do what they do; Set goals and accomplish them, have a great attitude and feel like you can accomplish anything. Also, you have to keep it FUN. I think what we do can be incredibly challenging, but you’ve got to find a way to keep it fun. It’s a necessary ingredient for us as marketers because we have to find creative ways to attract customers to our clients’ doors. And it’s hard to produce creative ideas when they are born from a pressure cooker.

YS – What distinguishes your business from others in your same field?

MS – Partnership, Creativity, Culture. The Smith Group has retained about 90% of our clients over the past ten years, and in the agency business, that’s somewhat unheard of. We have had some of our clients well over twenty years. Anybody can get a client, but our success lies in keeping our clients. We treat our clients as partners…if they succeed then we succeed. Our production and creative is second to none, our relationships in the media are fantastic, our office has an energetic vibe that makes a days work a fun place to be. Our specialty is retail furniture stores and automotive, but we also handle banks, credit unions, lawyers, home improvement, men’s clothing stores and hospitals. We tell our clients, “Stay Calm and Advertise On.” We are the cheerleaders, therapists, back massagers, that tell our clients “it’s going to be just fine” and guide them through rocky waters. As long as you have a good crew steering the boat, you can get through just about any waterway.

YS – How important is being involved in your community to your business? 

MS – It’s important to be involved in the community, but I’m not sure in our case it’s entirely for business reasons. Being involved with the community for me, has given me a better sense of who I am and how I fit into Sumner County. Being a part of this community through Holidayfest, an organization that raised over $100,000 last year for charities right here in Sumner County, the Hendersonville Chamber, the Sumner Humane Society, and Wounded Warriors, has given me an appreciation for the people that do this much more than myself. It’s a sacrifice of time and money that pays big dividends in my own self-worth. I’m sure there are financial benefits to my business, but they are far outweighed by being a part of an organization where the gain is for the community…not my business.

YS – What else would you like the readers of Your Sumner to know?

MS – We have the most creative group of advertising people working in Nashville today. Our creative team, our media buying team, every piece of the advertising puzzle has come together for us at this time. We are “on our game” and ready to help companies be “on theirs.” To further our marketing evolution, we just created a digital advertising agency called Digi Drivers. DD will focus on all things in the ever changing digital world. Since it’s an entirely different animal than traditional advertising, we need an entirely different company. This company will specifically focus on email marketing, banner advertising, Google pay per click campaigns, and a host of other digital techniques to give our clients the confidence that their digital marketing is in good hands.

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