How to Stay Cool at an Outdoor Summer Wedding


How to Stay Cool at an Outdoor Summer Wedding

By Alyssa DiCicco of Nashville Bride Guide

Summer is officially here! It’s one of our favorite seasons, however, with weather in the upper 90s, keeping your guests cool and comfortable at your outdoor wedding is very important. When an enclosed cool space isn’t always an option at your outdoor venue, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help your guests stay cool, calm and collected and really enjoy themselves during your big day!

1) Provide extra water stations.

Stations with decorative baskets filled with bottled water or extra drink dispensers with flavored water are great options on a hot day. Or put a personalized twist on a flavored iced tea and lemonade station. Designing your layout with plenty of drink stations will help your guests stay hydrated while you’re saying “I do”!

2) Offer bug spray.

Although most outdoor venues will spray for mosquitoes before your wedding, offering bug spray to guests will help put their minds at ease. Place a few bottles next to your sparkler bucket before your grand exit – it’s a quick spray and go that your guests will appreciate!

3) Have sunscreen readily available.

If your wedding is in plain daylight, travel-size sunscreen can be a fun favor for your guests. Not only can they use it at your sun-soaked wedding, they can keep it later for their summer getaway. (And don’t forget to bring some on your tropical honeymoon!).

4) Turn your ceremony programs into fans.

A great way to keep your guests cool is by attaching wooden sticks to your ceremony programs. Voila – you have a fan! This is especially nice if your ceremony seating is in direct sunlight.

5) Create a popsicle or shaved ice station.

Nashville has some great local shaved ice and popsicle options. Hire Retro Snow to treat your guests to some all-natural shaved ice at your summer wedding. Or pass out Las Paletas – they’re sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces!

If you choose just one or all of these options, your summer wedding is sure to be a hit!

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